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Well, I don't expect my two-seater pilot to be decorated with the PLM any time soon! Fighter jockeys have a tendency to hog all the awards. smile

However, there were also some highly decorated non-fighter pilots and also observers in WW1 air forces. For example in the German air force (both navy and army) there were in total 80 awards of the PLM, of which 14 were awarded to bomber pilots and observers, one to both the commanding general and his chief of staff and the rest to the fighter pilots.

Olham, I think that the DSO is easily the best looking British military award. Lou has again done a great job with the graphics! smile

Hasse, I should think that as a two-seater pilot you'd be feeling pretty good about now since you are currently tied in terms of awards with the other two DID German fliegers, both of whom are scout jockeys. winkngrin

Thanks for the kudos on my crafting of the DID awards graphics, I do what I can. And I agree about the DSO, it is a beautiful medal.



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