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How do you idenfify the rail line? There is not enough info in pre-flight screen to do this and sometimes the junction is not easy to identify on Lou's map when there are multiple rail lines in the area with junctions.

One Way: It's fairly easy if you've taken the time to set up your map with all the targets. Before my career I printed out a paper map of my area (Lou's is best, Nibbio's are good too). then went into QC for a 'free flight' and just sat on the runway. I turned on the map and noted all the little railroad icons, balloon icons, etc. Because I have Nibbio's inflight map mod installed, the background on frontlines and forests is an exact match to Lou's map (and the game) so I just took a pen and marked up my paper map with all the possible targets.

A second way: Just pay attention to landmarks, like a real pilot would do. You start as a rookie pilot so you will not be leading missions till much later. By the time you get to leading flights, you should have been to those rail junctions a time or two as a follower, so you should know your way there already. The rail junction is easy to spot from the air, so you only need to get to the general area and take it from there.

Regarding Mixture: Mixture control is super easy. After takeoff, just lean the mixture until the engine falters then richen slightly (five clicks). Leave it there ... done. Fiddling with it as you climb brings little benefit in my experience. If you are in a plane were the lever in the cockpit moves (strutter for example) then you can note the lever position and simply set the mixture by eye prior to each takeoff.