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The most difficult part for me was landing.
I was able to judge my distance from the ground but with no forward view, I had no idea how close to the runway I was.
It was terribly frightening and I wanted to jump up on the wing and look over the top!!
I could see how you could easily touch down too soon or overshoot the runway.
How are you managing it and what was your first opinion on landings?

I never found them too frightening really. Not sure about the mechanics on the field though.
We told them to stay out of the way, while we come in.
I approach the field in a long left curve, the craft slightly banked to the left, so I see everything.
When I'm lined up with the field, I wagg the wings left and right a bit, to see where I am.
I approach the road which goes round our airfield, at ca. 20 meter altitude, sinking.
When I see the roadway appearing in the cutout, I pull throttle fully back.
The grass left and right seems to give a good impression, if you are still balanced left and right.
Then: touchdown and roll-out.
I never lift from my seat, to look forward over the wing.
It has become routine.
As I said: I am beginning to like the "Walfisch"! pilot

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