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I think the worm has turned for Mfair. Edward Eastwood has just passed the 20 hour mark and now a small case of nerves has set in. Before DID campaign I do not think I ever had a pilot with more hours than victories. To be honest I have to look and see how many victories Edward has. Not really a concern anymore. Now I am totally concerned with getting home in one piece. Have to admit it is a whole new outlook on things. Thanks to all for your help on the journey.

As a tyro sim pilot (except a bit of Wings of Glory many moons ago) I must say that OFF was difficult and WOFF is verydifficult. Rather than trying to become an 'ace' and shoot others down I spend most of my time trying just to stay alive. There is somewhat of an art to this that I am learning. Once I become a better pilot I may become more of a shooter but now I am just, as you say, wanting to get home in one piece. And even then, watch out for the bloody Titanium fences!

The WOFF Campaign in itself is well worth doing, and our DID Campaign just adds to it. When I see those EA coming it makes my heart beat faster just as it would have done in real life. That is 'immersion' to me! And so I am a learner now, as I would have been a learner then.

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