Flight SubLt. Dudley Doorite
August 6, 1916

Today was my first 'command,' a reconnaissance flight east of Armenieres with one companion. We were supposed to meet up with 5 Airco DH.2s as escort, but I believe the fact I went straight there defeated them. At any rate they never showed.

Pity. We could have used them.

We arrived without incident and began our patrol. East to the edge of No Man's land. Back to Armenieres. Back to Hunland. Our altitude steadily rose from 5,000 feet to around 9,000 during this stretch. I doubt our observers got much intel: On the way there it was mostly clear - a few cirrus clouds high over head, but there was this huge cumulus formation straddling No Man's Land.

Things went well enough, though I was turning very cautiously so as not to collide with my wingman, when I heard a new engine join the party and my observer swiveled. I couldn't see anything, so I turned the craft and below me: One little Eindecker.

I dove. Not sure what my wingmate did. I fired steadily as he fled. At one point I threatened to overshoot, but along with 'A' flying I've been using Doorite to teach myself to rely on blipping. I hit him some more and he went into a flat spin.

I started to follow him down, but that would have required a nearly 90 degree dive so I banked off. Apparently he recovered.

Up ahead I saw my partner with one on his tail. He didn't seem too worried about it, and anyway there was a third that passed just over my wings. I turned to engage - too quickly. Spun out but recovered. He passed over me again and Lt. Askew (my observer) gave him our compliments. I turned again, but now here was my partner's friend. He got behind us long enough to hit both me and my observer.

Still, my wingmate was still around and this wasn't a bad situation. Until I looked up and saw a flight of two more Eindeckers flying high. They didn't seem like they noticed us, but I had a strong desire to be elsewhere and flew home.

My partner got two claims. Indeed, my wingmates have done much better than I as far as claims go. Well, so be it. We arrived safely, though Lt. Doorite now gets a full week off to chat up the nurses.