Bucksnort, I still have a few Belgian skins laying about from OFF that I can update for you into WOFF if you like. At one point I had created the entire set for the 9em Camels but it appears the only one I have now is Jan Olieslagers', (hard drive crash a couple of years ago wiped out a lot of things).


Bucksnort, you're in luck on the Camel. It appears that is one of the files I can drop right into WOFF and it is a perfect match.

Let me know if you need markings for the Aviation Militaire Belge placed on any of the planes you have in your list and I can take care of that for you. I know Olham has put together the BE2 to get you started and I am happy to help out as well.

By the way, have you bought rounds yet? Hmmmm, don't seem to recall that. Cheers! cheers



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