The continuing career of Albert "Mushroom" Ward:

4 Aug 1916 @ 07h22 Bombing of Nieumunster aerodrome

The C.O called Ren Hill and myself into his office and informed us that Hill was being promoted to Squadron Commander and I am being promoted to Flight Commander. He also said that both of us are being awarded the DSO.

Hill lead the flight with myself and Parsons accompanying. The sky was primarily clear with scattered cumulous. We had 8 km winds from the SSW. A flight sent 3 Strutters as follow up cover. One of them had engine trouble and returned to base.
The flight was uneventful until we approached Nieumunster and then we ran into a gaggle of EIIIs. Hill signalled to engage and we began the dance. At the end of it three of them fell to my guns. Soar and Chadwick of A flight accounted for three more.

We returned to base without completing the bomb run as there were more EIIIs approaching from a distance. There will be some partying in the mess tonight.

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4 Aug 1916 @ 15h41 Bombing enemy front lines East of Ypres.

I was selected to lead the flight..alone! Well not exactly, "A" flight sent one Strutter to follow up. They must have a lot of confidence in my bombing capabilities or someone up there wants to get rid of me. The flight was quiet and uneventful until I approached the line. Suddenly I saw two EIIIs approaching me and set on getting the advantage. I circled and looked for an opportunity to pounce. One came and I sent 7 shots into the EIII and broke away to look for his buddy. I saw Shook from a flight tangling with the other one so I looked around to see if there were any more undesirable company and spotted two more above and coming our way. Very shortly four more showed on the horizon and that was all I needed to see to decide to run for home. One followed me all the way across the lines. When I reached De Blankaart lake I turned to face him and we circled each other, neither one gaining advanctage until he turned and ran for home. I chased him a bit but he had the height and speed so I let him go and returned to base.
The C.O. indicated that three of my claims had been confirmed but he was disappointed with the results of the bombing run and said we will have to try it again.

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