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Scout, that was a nail biter to watch! very nice touchdown and no fences to deal with.

Thanks Robert. Unfortunately for me the landing was the only good flying I did in the entire fight! Congrats on the VC.

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Sorry for your loss - or do I detect a hint, that Addleson might escape in 10 days???

After Albert's minor wounds heal, I think his chances of making a successful escape are quite good. Sometimes you just have a feeling about these things smile

Yes but he is out of action for 15 days so it seems.... I sometimes think these 'wounded' days are a pity for our DID Campaign because you might get mighty bored waiting for those days to pass.

I thought that maybe you could take on another pilot and carry on. Except Olham will have you shot at dawn or even earlier. However, you could take on another ID (ie 78Scout) and then have 2 pilots in the Campaign. I see no rule against that. (Now Olham will shoot ME at dawn!) Or maybe Olham2 will do it!

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