nbryant, you don't need to send pilot files to me.
We must trust each other with everything anyway, so you just send me some data per PM;
I will specify in the rules, what and how.

As for French 2-seaters: I couldn't find ANY units using the Morane Parasol anymore,
which I had hoped would be there at least.
That would mean, that the French flyers can only do 5 hours of flight training
(which I hope is on a two-seater even for the French).
That is damn boring, but also quite safe.

Scout, the AI may be a good indicator for LEVEL A fliers - they behave like startled bees
when they spot enemies, and it should help you to position yourself.
I know, you'd like it even harder, but rest assured: it will be tough enough.

CatKnight, you cannot switch countries for the same pilot, but you can - after the demise
of one flyer - enlist with another country one day later.

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