Aug. 4
Sub Flight Lt. Edward Eastwood
Dawn Patrol: Bomb Railyard at Loos Junction.
All went well, no contact. CO says "Good Job."

Afternoon Patrol:
Bomb enemy front sector NNE Bethune. 5 machines. All went well to target. Over target the whole flight goes for a lone HA at low level. I stay high and watch the show. Everyone scatters so I drop my bombs where I think the target is and circle. I catch sight of one of my flight headed home at low level and follow at about 4000'. I hear Capt. Drury, my Gunner/Observer open up. Crap! I have four on my tail. We start the dance and I send 2 of them down and head home and the other two HA have had enough and do the same. Crossing back over the mud SSE of Foret Imperiel I see white puffs down below. Getting a little closer it is a lone EIII. I check my surroundings and make my attack. I make quick work of him and land back at Coudekerque with one of Flight B. Russell, Ashby, and their observers were killed. CO says "Congratulations."

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from either end.
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