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Flightreport for Charles C Johnson by Lt. Louis Triegiers, Instructor:

Caporal Johnson managed to navigate from homefield (Paris) to destination field (Verdun area, exact Location classified) and back in 97 minutes.
This has happened in very heavy weather conditions, during flight.

Due to the circumstances and a sound threepoint landing this flight is rated "excellent"

This was flight one of 4 in the navigational lesson.

Louis Triegiers

Sounds like Johnson is a natural! He will be at the front in no time, up to his ears in it! Poor fellow doesn't know what he is in for! biggrin

To be honest, it is kind of dull. Johnson is so eager, on every flight, he tries to get the Luietnant into someACM. He has now more than 8 flighthours. My bet is, he Sees the twenties before transferring out. And I Hope this pilot gonna last until december, when the french 2seaters are available.

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