Charles Chatterley. June 25th. Recon Mission. 2 DH2 Escorts

It was a beautiful if not a little cloudy day for patrol. Our flight of 3 met up with the 2 escorts on time and headed for the front lines. Climbing to 9000' before crossing the lines we started our patrol. Soon the flight leader started doing some lazy S's and I knew the enemy was afoot but as usual I could not spot them. I finally spotted one to my right and a little below and slid in behind him and sent him plunging to the river below with an escort hot on his tail. I climbed and looked for my flight and could not find anyone. I circled for about 5 minutes and decided to head home but noticed some planes behind me and decided it was my flight. Big mistake! Its 3 Hun scouts. I turn tail and head west. My observer sent one packing but the other 2 stayed with me, with "Gunney" peppering them all the way. Just crossing into friendly territory he slaps me on the shoulder and points to his gun. Jammed! I stay on course until some bullets rip through the wing and I turn and go head to head with 1 of the rascals.

This took him by surprise and I was soon on his tail and sent him smoking into a heap into the town of Bailleul. An escort flew by and now I know what happened to the other Hun chasing me.

I head northwest to base but spot my flight below and heading southwest. I throttled back and dropped down with them and we landed at LaGourge. It has been a fine day! 2 Huns we will not be bothered with tomorrow.

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from either end.
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