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Ah, okay, I see - the log seemed to count the whole training with many sorties still as 1 sortie.
Strange, but what can we do? It is okay, Casey and Jim.
If you want all sorties to count, you would have to collect your number of sorties from your log
and add the number of training flights manually, Casey. Or you leave it as 1 - your choice.

Hello both Olham and LtCasey. I have your latest capture: Total hours = 11.63 Hotspot hours = 2.1 and sorties = 2. This doesn't add up according to the hours of all the other pilots. I would say that total hours should be the hotspot hours which are 2.1 Otherwise the 'training hours' should be 11.63 - 2.1 = 9.53 and captured under 'Quiet hours' as obviously you don't train in a hotspot or even a medium area. Please advise reading

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