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Regarding waypoints, like Corsaire and Shiloh said you have the choice to just ignore them and make your own way to the target. A minor problem is that WOFF will (I think) sometimes penalize you with an unsuccessful mission ... because you never arrived at the early waypoints then WOFF doesn't look for you arriving at the target.

If you see that this is happening (i.e. the debrief tells you that you never reached the target area, when you know you did) then there is a way around the problem. The solution is to use the 'advance waypoint' function, which is shift-w, to tell WOFF to skip the early waypoints and only look at the target waypoint. About a minute after takeoff, hit shift-w once to skip past the 'circling climb' waypoint, then hit shift-w again if there is another waypoint ( 'waypoint 1' or 'waypoint A' ) between you and the target that you want to skip. At that point, WOFF should have the target as your next waypoint, and if you arrive there then you should get credit for it.

To get the hang of it, try a few test flight with the TAC on and you will see how using shift-w skips through the waypoints.

Or just say 'screw it' and live with the odd unsuccessful mission. It's not a big deal. Also, don't lead the flight and your problem is solved.

P.S. The skip waypoint function is also great for telling your flight leader to 'get on with it' when following him through that boring 'circling climb' phase. Hit shift-w once the circling-climb begins and he will head off directly on the mission.