Corsaire, I wanted the promotions to be visible, as another success besides of victories.
Of course, like most rules, it also has it's downsides.

Scout, 2-seater time was 5 hours first. But since the French don't seem to have any
2-seat units in June 1916, they must fly it all as training time - and that must be
very boring. So I went down for 3 hours for all pilots.
Everyone else might of course spend those 3 hours in flying school as well.

Beanie and all: you can look through Trecce/bomber" squadrons in the enlistment
and should find plenty of units for the 2-seater-time.
After that you use the "transfer" option to get to the fighters.

Jim, if you could do that excel calculation, that would be a great help!
You would create and publish an E-Mail address for all pilots here in this thread;
everyone would send their data/records to you, and you send me the results via PM.
Would that be okay?
I will then make a graphic chart of the latest records once or twice per week.

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