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I'm turning down regional flight activity to Light from Medium.

If things too much like flying FSX, I'm back to Medium

As a regular FSX flyer and proud owner of two freight airlines, I found myself offended and already called my lawyer ! smile2

I spend too much time fly FSX too, no virtual airlines though, mostly just bush planes in the mountains.

Switching to light regional activity seems to have worked. First flight was recce, the N11 fighter escort from RNAS-3 kept the EIIIS off our arse. Second was bombing front lines, odd that there were clouds over target on an otherwise clear day. I was leader and flew over target 4 times, couldn't see what I supposed to bomb, then heard my 2 mates bombs whistling so I released my bombs too. Mine hit very close to theirs, but didn't destroy anything. A lone EIII was likely trailing us home, I saw flak from my airfield region when my boys were landing and I flying high above. I slowly dove in the Strutter, that is a plane to be very carefull in when diving, engaged and downed him with 3 bursts. He landed some hits on the initial head on, but not enough to save his butt.

It's a rainy morning here in IRL and I intend to fly one or two missions today. I'll submit reports after. Checked workshop settings, "enemy always engage" was not turned on. Main reason I'm using "B level" is for the ingame map and auto mixture, staying in the cockpit with Track IR.