All: After my last pilot died due to a friendly collision (that makes two this campaign!), I've learned to keep your friends close. Just not too close.

Squad: RNAS-5
Aeroplane: Sopwith 1.5 Strutter No. 674
Name: Flight SubLt. Dudley Doorite
Observer: Lieutenant Eric Askew

Date: 03 August 1916
Time: 8h16m
Duty: Bomb front lines east of Ypres
Lead: Flight Lt Parker

Hostiles Encountered: About 5 EA Fokker Eindeckers

Narrative: Flight of four took off at 8.16, weather clear with cumulus clouds. Encountered and escorted by 5 Airco DH.2s towards Ypres. At Ypres, Flt Lt. Parker noticed a number of EAs at lower altitude and signalled pursuit. Came in behind one Eindecker and fired a number of shots into its fuselage. Other than veering away, no clear sign of damage and ultimately overshot ditto. Joined fight of about 3 on 3 over friendly trenches and saw one hostile fall. Fired into second aircraft, no obvious damage.

Lost sight of FA or EA and returned to base without further incident.

Claims: None.

Time: 16h03m
Duty: Bomb target east of Armentieres
Lead: Flight Lt Gamm

Narrative: Flight of six took off at 16.03, weather clear with cumulus clouds. Passed over lines without incident, dropping ordinance on enemy troops east of Armentieres from about 9,000 feet. Encountered no appreciable resistance and returned without incident.

Date: 04 August 1916
Time: 6h43m
Duty: Bomb rails at Vimy Junction
Lead: Flight Lt Parker

Hostiles Encountered: Two flights totaling 5 EA Fokker Eindeckers

Narrative: Flight of five took off at 6.43, weather clear with cumulus clouds. One turned back due to engine trouble. Over forest near Strazeele, flgiht leader climbed and engaged two Eindeckers. Gave chase and engaged one EA, who retreated east. Pursued into no-man's land and fired at 150-300 yards until drum was empty. EA seriously damaged and having trouble maintaining altitude, but refused to land. Passed hostile and Observer Lt. Askew fired a number of bursts until aeroplane crashed.

Rejoined group, now numbering three including self, who continued east towards Vimy. Encountered three Eindeckers climbing rapidly to engage. I attacked, hoping to use Lt. Askew's gun to distract the enemy and relieve pressure on my team. Eindeckers broke contact and we chose not to pursue. Crossed lines and landed at La Gorgue, then continued home.

Claims: (1) Fokker E.III, witnessed by Flight Lt. Parker, believed downed/destroyed in No Man's Land east of Strazeele

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