Damn, the posting here goes with "WW2-craft-speed", and I can hardly catch up with you all anymore! runningdog

MFair, it feels strange to be called "the rule maker" - almost like "Bruce Allmighty"... biggrin

You brought up a good point there, and my opinion is, that even A-LEVEL pilots should be
allowed to use the "compass gauge", if their plane doesn't provide them with one.
You will have to click through the gauges, until you have the compass as "gauge 1" so to say;
then click through all others, until they go away (I haven't done it since a long time,
but I'm pretty sure it should work somehow).

I would like to hear your opinion to this, RAF_Louvert, as you are an archetype
of an A-LEVEL flyer in my eyes?

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CodeRed, you should fly as high as you can to avoid them.
I fly at 3500 Meter with my Roland C.II, and most enemy scouts are flying lower in my area.
But sometimes they still turn towards me and try to get me. My last chance is then, to push
the stick forward and dive towards our field.
Not sure how fast the FE.2b could dive. My Roland can do over 200 km/h, and with that speed
I can outrun ANY enemy scout so far.
So, if the Fee cannot dive so fast - join the Germans; fly the Roland C.II "Walfisch".
We are far too few anyway. biggrin

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