Closing in on 25 carrick. Keep your eyes peeled and fly smart.

Charles Chatterley was introduced to the "spin of death" in a DH2 today. He had always been able to recover from a spin in the DH but not today. Patrolling friendly lines should have been a walk in the park. Attacked 2 Rolands with 3 more of our flight. Good odds, but a moments laps in concentration or overconfidence and he went into a spin, recovered, then wham! Round and round she went until he buried himself in the mud. Damned frustrating! I am getting a whole new respect for you living pilots.

I am getting better, I think, do we get any medal for being the 1st "D" pilot? Nothing about spins and bad flying in the survey so I put "shot down by aircraft" as that is the closest thing to what happened.

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