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Outer Space Simulation & Combat Games
10 minutes ago
Well if you're looking for less killing, more exploring and total relaxation, you might want to try No Man's Sky, DBond....
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Community Hall
22 minutes ago
Agreed Ajay. Too many of those "little" tiger sharks for me. Pretty much miraculously plucked from the sea at night, he's ok. Picked up in big seas, 30 kt winds by a very flimsy sailboat! His boat broke in half and sunk in SECONDS! ...
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Community Hall
25 minutes ago
So, at no point he does this... ...
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Hardware & Software - PC
1 hour ago
Rumor/leak: QuoteCustom AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT graphics cards are coming AMD board partners will be allowed to make custom designs based on Navi 21 XTX GPU. The story claims that due to the limited time that was given to AIBs, the first designs should be expected no sooner than ...
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Community Hall
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by DBond Has anyone already bought it? I bought it about 2 weeks ago. I believe it's unprecedented as far as I can tell but this game became available for pre-order about a year and a half before release! I really saw no reason to pre-order the game THAT ...
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields
2 hours ago
epower: FWIW, I did actually get my hands on a Ryzen5 5600x, as you and I had discussed a while back. All I can say is "monster". It actually outruns every other CPU I've benchmarked to date - without even being overclocked - by a good margin, and that includes severa...
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields
3 hours ago
Originally Posted by mandrews (you can't see much out of a SPAD). mandrews that's why I don't like Spads; in the file I attached to the earlier post, I've changed over to a Pup. You can make it your favorite by opening the mission file with a text editor and modifying the plan...
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Screenshot & Video Gallery
7 hours ago
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8 hours ago
1. Simetimes When I'm heading to waypoint X in the mission, The waypoint suddenly changes to W and I can't change it even through the mission is still in progress. Is it bug ? 2. Longbow Apache has wideview on default but Comanche's cockpit doesn't and I have to press \ everyt...
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Hardware & Software - PC
12 hours ago
Kinda looks that way to me. I certainly like the power consumption. I just stumbled onto this, was news to me. Plus I learned a few things. ...
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ARMA Series
15 hours ago
I’ll be there for sure. I think I struck out with the guy I was trying to recruit. I feel like the peasants did in “Seven Samurai”....
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 11:38 PM
That right there is what we call "cowboy logic"....
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields
Yesterday at 11:16 PM
Hi all, Just a few updates. The undercarriage assembly is fitted and the bracing wires final rigged. That includes the bracing wire from the forward undercarriage struts to the leading edge of the lower wings. Also the cross bracing wires under the fuselage to the rear of the eng...
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Yesterday at 11:06 PM
And for this reason eech will always be alive, it is what it is but there is no other choice....
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IL-2: Great Battles
Yesterday at 09:54 PM What =OPFR= Sqn found works and what we found didn't work, and should be discussed on the forums to improve game balance on the TAW campaign server...
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Yesterday at 09:09 PM
Sorry to bump such an old thread, but if it helps someone to play a sim or two I think it's worth it. I'm the guy who emailed Flyboy about Creative ALchemy. Just wanted to mention my latest experience: I haven't played LB2 in a few years, and went to install it on my newer Windo...
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Screenshot & Video Gallery
Yesterday at 08:39 PM
Nice work Sgt_Fresh! Keen flying skills!...
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T.A.R.G.E.T. (Thrustmaster)
Yesterday at 08:33 PM
Thanks Soko..Do I install the thrustmaster software for the throttle or try assigning the axis in game..It's mostly IL-2 and Strike fighters 2 I fly.....
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Tactical Simulations - General
Yesterday at 08:26 PM
Quick question. It's Cyber Monday and this is the time to take advantage of deals/sales. I'm looking at purchasing Squad and if I do, I intend to use my TrackIR with it. I've been conducting internet searches and I see no definitive information that states that TrackIR (or any...
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields
Yesterday at 08:02 PM
Yeah likely the higher res it may differ, but pointless if you never use it at those res as you say. Exactly each to their own indeed in this lark ...
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields
Yesterday at 07:55 PM
Thanks VonS, looks like I’ll stick with the current FM for now. Not worth mucking since Jasta 19 is about to get new machines soon-ish. Lou, his controls weren’t “stuck”. He probably had a monumental Pinard-induced hangover and, as a matter of fact, he thought he was doi...
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Air Combat - General
Yesterday at 07:48 PM
Originally Posted by flightsimer90sYou would like the gold patch... I have the gold patch, its bundeled with the Longbow Anthology, but after aplying it to Longbow 1 you aren't able to fly the A-model of the Apache anymore....
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 07:36 PM
My condolences JohnnyChemo. I hope your sister in law will have a speedy recovery. When statistics transferes to real life stories, it is hard to fathom all the suffering people has endured and still do because of this pandemic....
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 07:09 PM
They definitely had no motorcycle experience or even bicycle experience....
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 04:41 PM
Originally Posted by ChuckyAnyone here tasted alligator? I've had some sausage made of alligator. Whatever spices it's made with seems to mask whatever plain gator might taste like....
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