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Outer Space Simulation & Combat Games
21 minutes ago
No game is perfect, that's a given, but I've enjoyed every Bethesda game I've played and I'm pretty sure I'll buy this one too. For me, I'm playing a game, I don't look that deeply into it, and if it's giving me enjoyment and great exploration moments if it's a open world game, t...
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Screenshot & Video Gallery
31 minutes ago
Lovely stuff mate!...
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Community Hall
1 hour ago
I just added that to the list PanzerMeyer thankyou. It looks very interesting. I've also always wanted to see the Sharpe series with Sean Bean. I also recently watched The Most Reluctant Convert: The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis which was very good....
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Naval Simulations
4 hours ago
I will have to give this a look....
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Community Hall
6 hours ago
Originally Posted by NoFlyBoySaw second episode. Better. Keep in mind that Westworld has always been a "slow burn" series so you have to give each season at least 3 or 4 episodes before you can see the pieces start to fit together as to what is going on. Right now it...
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8 hours ago Kickass movie and the music adds to the fun. ...
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields
Yesterday at 11:40 PM
Hi, Planning for this event continues - To those interested in being a participant - please find the forms attached. Participant Agreement - Registration - Overnight Camping. Please let me know if there are any questions. These forms must be returned by July30, 2022 This is...
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Sim Racing - General
Yesterday at 11:33 PM
Just seen the highlights, so sad I missed this race On the plus side, this year seems to deliver, I'll see good ones for sure ...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 10:55 PM
From Wikipedia entry on "X-Plane" civil flight sim: QuoteX-Plane differentiates itself from other simulators by implementing an aerodynamic model called blade element theory.[13] Traditionally, flight simulators emulate the real-world performance of an aircraft by usin...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 10:52 PM
Originally Posted by DartOriginally Posted by Blade_RJdo you have portuguese ancestry Dart ? Nope. What an odd question, though. I'm a first generation American. My family said to hell with arduous sea voyages and flew coach on TWA back in '63. It's almost exclusively Sw...
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Flight Sim Pit Builders
Yesterday at 10:48 PM
Complete disassembly. This is now the third time that I disassemble such a throttle. I'm slowly becoming a WH professional. If one of the 5 switches in the front plate is broken, you really have to disassemble the whole throttle to get the board out. Then you still have the prob...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 09:48 PM
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields
Yesterday at 08:36 PM
Hi all, The upper wing ailerons are supposed to be close to the outboard trailing edges of the centre section. Once assembled, there is a 2.5 mm gap where the centre section moulding did not include an extension to meet the ends of the ailerons. Making inserts to fill the gaps is...
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Screenshot & Video Gallery
Yesterday at 05:59 PM
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 04:43 PM
My parents where visiting friends, and just wanted to get me and the other boy out of their hair. They gave us money for the movie, The Thing just happened to be playing....
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Sim Racing - General
Yesterday at 04:14 PM
I haven't been driving or flying anything sadly. In the midst of packing up our duplex and preparing to move into our first house. My interests have always been more on the vintage side of things - I love the classic cars. The modern cars and tracks just don't hold my interest ...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 01:59 PM
I love everything about the broadcast, especially the live miked players and coaches and, yes, I love that drone cam! Whoever is flying that thing got mad skills! The Championship Game is on tonight on FOX at 7:30 PM EST. Check it out! -V...
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IL-2: Cliffs of Dover
Yesterday at 10:06 AM
Very, very nice!......
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Armor Simulations - General
Yesterday at 05:28 AM
Forgive this post, but I change my sig and wish to test it. Humanity is truly showing how low an animal it is. Al (Evil from near Detroit) "The 10th Amendment simply says that any powers that aren’t mentioned in the Constitution as belonging to the government belong to th...
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields
Yesterday at 05:16 AM
Oh okay. No problem I get that lol. Just glad to be able to read the great posts at all. =)...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 05:10 AM
This is all because of DRM no doubt. instead of removing the necessity to call home, they simply shut down the systems. Older AC titles DLCs will be unable to be downloaded or instaled after september 1st
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Screenshot & Video Gallery
Yesterday at 02:51 AM
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After Action Reports
07/02/22 09:15 PM
Originally Posted by carrick58Nigel Broadsword Capt, RN Scouting Flotilla Inshore Squadron HMS Pinafore 5th rate 28 guns. In company with HMS ELL ( Sloop of War 20 Gun ) , we slipped cable from Sandy Hill Anchorage . Our two ships cruized our patrol area. Sighting Aux Cr...
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RC & Scale Modeling
07/02/22 08:01 PM
Yep. There's actually two videos up... The first is the brake installation...well, the new improved handle for the brakes and running the cables, anyhow, with a little bit on the actual drum brakes themselves. With that, I realized that work on the fuselage is pretty ...
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European Air War
07/02/22 02:35 PM
Very nice of you to release upgrades for both GOG and Steam versions of the game....
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