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Flight Sub-Lt Alex Ackworth - RNAS 4 - Coudekerque - July 16, 1916 (Mission 19)

Today I draw the afternoon mission, I am tail-end charlie again in a flight of four Strutters led by Flight Cdr Channing. We take the opportunity of a wonderful weather to go drop some bombs on Houplin airfield.

We get there, drop our bombs from 11.000 ft (no hit for me but my mates did some damage) and I turn around asap while the flight makes a long turn to reform.

As I cross the front lines I meet a couple of Aviatiks returning from mission, escorted by two Fokkers. I try to go unnoticed, but one of the Fokkers has seen me and leaves the formation to come my way. Since he is a little higher I cannot run away very long, so I turn around to meet him. We draw a few descending circles down to 7000 ft and I manage to get behind him, not close enough to my taste. I decide to risk a short burst (stats will show I hit him with one bullet) and I probably scared him because he looses control, goes into a flat spin from which he will never recover until he hits the ground. First time I get a victory with one hit !

By then the other guys have joined me over the front lines and we all fly back home. As I fill up my surprising claim for a 6th victory, the CO advises me I have been awarded the DSO.

Hi Corsaire,

you might have hit pilot and wound, or worse, killed him. Good shooting and congratulations for the DSO.

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