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I must say I am pretty much annoyed by now by this over-lethality.
While the RL flyers often had many missions on a string without any combat,
we seem to be THE target No. 1 all the time.
Another 5 days wounded - but we don't have enough planes left anyway...

Combat takes place too often. Like I wrote in my post, my Abteilung has had 38 pilots and observers KIA in just a few missions. That's more than your typical squadron suffered during the whole war in real life.

Most of the time in this DID campaign I've spent waiting for replacements. I'm never looking for trouble and always order my flight back to base if we spot enemy aircraft close to us, but it doesn't help much.

I really like WOFF - it's my favourite flight sim after all, and the best WW1 sim ever made - but I think the AI is still behaving too aggressively. It can't be easy to make an AI, I understand that, and the devs have already created an AI that is much better than in most sims I've ever played. But maybe it could be adjusted a bit further?

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