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My promotion,

it was July 26th 1916 and I remember it well . It was cloudy all day with no rain at all, but chilly when one went up. We, B flight, had a quick hop 8 miles over to bomb the railhead north of Lens. My logbook says that Lt. Gary Perkins was leading the show, I was his #2 and Lt. Barker as #3. Three N.11s from 1 Squadron RNAS flying out of Furnes were to meet us close to the lines. It was the early show so B flight left the field at 6:44 am and we climbed like hell to 5000ft or so and waited for our escort to arrive. Now that didnt happen all the time. Sometimes they never showed up, for whatever reason, and so you would have to go it alone, but luck was with us that day and sure enough the Navy arrived. We waved to each other and off we went.

Going over was normally easy as the Hun tended to let us come over and then pick us off when we turned for home. Flak or Archie, as it was called back then, was very little that day. Either that or the Hun couldnt be bothered about us at that time of the morning. It was at this time in a mission when I started to get very nervous, and look around for enemy Scouts, constantly moving my head looking for any sign of him. But on this particular day the Hun wasnt around and we reached our target and let him have itBoooom Booooom. After that we ran like mad for the lines. I can remember always calculating in my head the distance that I could glide at such and such a height, I think most pilots did, as the run home was the worst part of any mission. The relief that I felt when I knew that we were on our side and starting to descend was immeasurable and Im sure every pilot shared this feeling in one way or another.

After that the strain was gone and flying was enjoyable. We waved the Navy off and landed one after the other. Engines off and we all dismounted and smiled at each otheranother day and still alive. So after that we went to the Squadron Office to give our reports for the books. All six of us gave his 2 cents, and the Adjutant would take that mess and make a very clear report for wing. It was then that Major Powell stood up and said, George by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain of Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the our trusty and well beloved Basel Brush, greetings. We reposing especial trust and confidence in your loyalty, courage and good conduct, do by these present constitute and appoint you to be an Officer in our air Forcesetc etc etc Well if the King says so then who am I to differ. Congratulations. 2Lt. Brush on your commission. You certainly deserve it. Now that youre a Gentleman, youd better get that tail of yours trimmed by this evening or your duty dog for the week. Everyone shook my hand and that was that as they say.

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