Ace Snodgrass
2LT, Rfc
70 Sqn

15 Aug 16.

WX: Broken cloud bases at 4000ft. Clear at 6000-7000ft Scattered clouds above 10000 ft.

Mission Airfield Bombardment

Back to Epinay AF, B flight was the Bombardment Flight 4 40lb bombs. A flight was distance cover 2 NM behind us.
B flt was turning to the IP when I spotted 4 or 5 Aviaitik C-1s low and off to port. Curved in a shallow dive attacking rear a/c. circled and attacked 2 more times fired off 230 rds from the Vickers Back seater fired 18 rds in 3 round bursts. E/a trailed smoke, then loss power then crashed near Reincourt AF. I made a low level pass dropping bombs near shacks and hanger tents got Hits. Gunner fired two 7 rd bursts at airfield guns, I was awarded the DSO in afternoon Parade.

Intell: Spotted a squared two wing single seat e/a on ground with a fish like body. New A/c ?

Results: No bombs on target, 2 B Flt machines missing. 1 Damaged (mine) 15 holes.
A Flt: 3 a/c 1 lt damage. 1 enemy claimed.