After reading through the advice you guys gave and trying it out, I think that I'm finally getting the hang of avoiding getting shot down in an FE2b. I've managed to complete 5 missions so far with one confirmed kill. Out of the 5 missions, I only had to run away from a dogfight in one of them without completing the mission objective. I think that I'll need at least 5 more completed missions before I feel comfortable enough to commit to this DiD campaign. So, if I can get 10 missions in a row, I'll be a happy camper.

I need to focus on better handling of this crate during evasive maneuvors while flying below 1000 ft.

It seems like I'm walking on eggshells here and my pilot can die at any momment.

BTW - I'm still practicing with "A" level settings on normal air activity in Flanders area... I'm a glutton for punishment.