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Bucksnort, I still have a few Belgian skins laying about from OFF that I can update for you into WOFF if you like. At one point I had created the entire set for the 9em Camels but it appears the only one I have now is Jan Olieslagers', (hard drive crash a couple of years ago wiped out a lot of things).


Bucksnort, you're in luck on the Camel. It appears that is one of the files I can drop right into WOFF and it is a perfect match.

Let me know if you need markings for the Aviation Militaire Belge placed on any of the planes you have in your list and I can take care of that for you. I know Olham has put together the BE2 to get you started and I am happy to help out as well.

By the way, have you bought rounds yet? Hmmmm, don't seem to recall that. Cheers! cheers



Thanks, Lou...that would be great! Any Belgian skins you have would be appreciated. I'll send you a PM with my email address.

My Dad's side of the family is from Putten, The Netherlands with relatives also in Belgium, and my Mom's side of the family lived on both sides of the border between eastern Belgium and western Germany with their sympathies split during the Great War. My parents lost contact with our European relatives but my grandparents had not and my grandmother told stories about her family on the border between Belgium and Germany. No known aviators in the family, but I always fancy myself flying for Belgium or Germany during the Great War, so it is a treat to have Belgian skins!

Olham has already provided F.E.2b and Strutter skins (thank you!), but I'll take anything you've got as I'm going to leave them installed in WOFF to fly both for and against Belgium, and they will come in handy as I progress in time in my DiD campaign.

Drinks on me...all night long cheers

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