Basel Brush is from Canada, I see? Well, he looks like a real trapper indeed!
Nice to see a Morane Parasol here!
Nice reports and pictures, lederhosen & Corsaire!


On my latest sortie I must have achieved my weirdest victory ever!
And look, whom I have shot down...!

Offzstv. Berhard Harms, Kasta 18
Pronville, 25. Juni 1916

Hauptmann Gunther Baermann and I were on a reconnaissance between Arras and Bapaume.
Baermann flew at 2000, and I was at 2500 Meters, and all went fine first.
But then our A-flight, a single Roland C.II for our protection, went lower and lower north of Miraumont.
Soon we saw why - two Sopwith Triplanes were turning with a single Fokker Eindecker low.
One left, while I came down lower.

No idea why Schuster joined in, but soon he got in trouble himself - the Triplane attacked him fiercely!
Both German planes and all their guns were not enough to control that three-winged devil, and so I went
lower and lower, to help our men out.
Soon I saw Schuster crawling back over the lines - he had to put his Roland down, due to engine damage.

Each time I apparoached the Tripe, it turned towards me, and I had to pull up again.
But then he ran after the Eindecker, at tree-top level, and I curved in behind him.
Now or never, I thought. Closer and closer I came!
I saw the Triplane firing after the Eindecker, which now tried to land.
He summersaulted in the mud!
In the same moment I fired at the Triplane from ca. 50 Meters behind.

I must have hit the pilot - the craft nosed right in after my burst.
I had not only achieved a victory - it was even against the most notorious scout the British have now!
On returning we were received with a loud "hello!" from everybody!
Our frontline troops had already called and confirmed my victory!

Now, I don't really believe it was all my success - the Fokker must have hit the Tripe before.
But the poor feller broke his neck in the crashlanding - and so I am the lucky winner!
That's war...

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