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First combat patrol of Charles C Johnson:

I was barely able to join the flight after takeoff, but kept in touch until we reached our destination for patrol, when suddenly the leader, and his wingmen dived like mad from 3000m down. They have spotted 2 EIII.

Followed them in their approach just to hear that terrible sound from my left wing. A quick view, and my eyes punched trough my googles. My left wing was wobbeling like jelly in the speed. I gently, and I mean very gently, pulled out of the dive. After establishing a stable flight, I searched the sky, and the ground. No aircraft anymore, neither enemy, nor allied. Then I saw multiple smokepoles. Circeling the area, for survivors and evidences of downed aircraft, I realized a new sound.....wumm, wumm, wumm,.....I looked up, and saw dirtybrown puffs around my crate. Ouch, Archie spotted me, and zeroing in on me. I jinked, and steadily climbed out of the enemy airspace, down south, direction Behonne, and home. Sure we downed at least 2 EIII, but at what cost?

I be waiting for a hour now,on the edge of the airfield, to see, or at least hear some of them coming back...... The dawn arrives and I need a drink, or two.

A tip for u to contrl (reduce) ur speed in a dive.
Throttle back, put nose down, give full rudder right or left and no aileron.

U will float down perfectly in a flat spin but keep eye on altimeter and level off and pull out wben u want.
No more shredded or broken wings! See my second last vid when I land for example

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