Augustus Mueller
FA 5 Lb
Mission 21 June 1916 (10th Mission)
Bombing Enemy Front Lines
Area: NorthEast of Arras between Arras and Thelus

Escort - 2 Fokker E III from Jasta 11

2 aircraft Avialik CI - Flight Leader Augustus Mueller

Takeoff: 05h50

At 06h09 flight was attacked by British Ni 11 aircarft. As we were close to FA 5 LB air field (Haubourdin), we landed at home airfield for protection.

Once HA had left the area, I continued alone with the mission. As I approached the attack area, my aircraft came under anti aircraft fire. I pressed on with the attack, dropping my bombs which unfortunately missed their targets. I returned to Haubourdin under heavy enemy anti aircraft fire.

Landed safety at airfield.

I live to fight another day!

'Der Fuchs'

BOC Member