MFair - yes, you fly as often or as little as you want or can (and as the sim offers for that day.
If you haven't been flying for several days, you need to advance time manually to the new date.

Thank you, Scout - must correct that. Final rules appear today, Saturday.

JimAttrill - thanks for the great website - that should make it easier for all. The ranks must be (Brit, France, Ger., USA)
1. Sergeant / Adjutant / Offizierstellvertreter / 2nd Lieutenant
2. 2nd Lieutenant / Sous-Lieutenant / Leutnant / 1st Lieutenant
3. Lieutenant / Lieutenant / Oberleutnant / Captain
4. Captain / Capitaine / Hauptmann / Major
(Higher ranks differ, some don't have them, and so they will not be listed)

* Lieutanant / Oberleutnant /
Pilots must send their data with the last date flown. If they fell, they must tell the date.
New pilots can only begin one day after the demise - and in 2-seaters again.
A dead pilot will receive a last valuation with the next release of "valuation chart" I make.

The ranks stand for themselves - no further valuation.

Jim, please look into post #1 - the valuation was changed.
Will the valuation always be visible in your website? That would be great,
and I wouldn't have to make charts.
Or I only make a chart with the final records of fallen pilots.

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