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Offzstv. Bernhard Harms
Kasta 18, Pronville, 15. August 1916

Yesterday our Staffelfhrer called me into his office; he asked me, if I would be interested in transfering
to one of the new Einsitzer units, which are getting installed these days. These units shall be called
"Jagdstaffel"; and all along the front good pilots with aerial victories are getting asked to transfer.
These Jagdstaffeln will soon receive new single-seat biplanes, and they will operate in flights of six
or more scouts, to take out as many enemy reconnaissance aircraft as possible.

I had time to sleep it over, and after breakfast this morning, I signed for a transfer to the newly created
Jagdstaffel 1, which they hope will be operational by mid-August. They will fly from Bertincourt, and I heard
they will receive the new Halberstadt. That should be an Einsitzer with good speed and firepower - if they
will have me, I will be a hunter of enemy aircraft.

I could prove today, that I might be the right choice for this job. Today, while we were flying through
thick grey clouds, we got jumped by a single British Nieuport 17 with a Lewis machine gun. We had not seen
it's approach at all. When I sighted it, it was in strike distance. I pushed the stick, dived like hell,
and came up almost vertically behind the Englishman. Three Rolands were dancing with one scout now.
When they all descended quickly, I remained higher and could finally attack the Englishman from above.
I hit him, and now he prefered to run for his side of the lines. We let him go, as we were all pretty
low by now, and travelled back to Pronville.

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