T'was hard...

...to let B-flight alone ca. 1000 Meters lower, when they got jumped by 4 - 6 Nupes!
I had decided before the mission, that I would not approach the lines below 2600 Meters;
and that I wouldn't try to fight them out, when they ran into another fine mess.
And they did exactly that!
Several bright specs were dancing below me, well visible above the mud, while I tried
to concentrate on the course. We knew we had reached the recon area, when the light grey
puffs of the British "Archie" appeared by the dozen.
I circled there, and then I turned into our terrain. At least one spec seemed to approach
me now, at same altitude, and I pushed the stick and reached over 200 km/h. No Nieuport
can catch up with that, and we reached Pronville.
But I had only just rolled out, when that little Missus Beastly arrived and fired a burst.
Our collective fire from the ground made her think again - and off she drove.

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