Flight report of Charles C Johnson
August 12, 1916 0602am dawn patrol

Today we shall fly a recon patrol over the frontline brining us directly to an enemy airfield at the frontline. Its the one I made pictures from on my sunday morning patrol. It is brand new.

The approch went silent and steady and I was able to keep in touch with the N16s, which is quiet remarkable in my `Bebe`to be honest. we climbed up 2800m, when the `sous Luietnant`decided to go into that steep dive again, and attack 2 EIII approaching the enemy field.

By the time I "leafed" down, the EIIIs were history, and we got separated from each other, so I climb back to some altitude, when watching 2 Aviatiks taking off of said airfield.

I swung around and dived on that second Aviatik from a high 4oclock position, knowing the observer will have a hard time to see me, or even open up fire on me,.......tack tack....tack tack the "Lewis" went off, pumping lead into the engine and pilots compartment. Black smoke puffs coming from the engine while I ready up for my second approach from a high 9oclock position of the two seater. Again I managed to hit the engine and compartment, and this time the kite goes nose down, and try to emercency land in nomansland, when I realized the sound of my engine. It didnt sound good, like I have lost 2 or more cylinders, but the rpm was stable.

So I decided to gain some height and fly west, direction Behonne, checking the map, it was the nearest friendly field also. I do sent prayers to god, bringing me home, or at least let me land on friendly teritory. To shorten this, I managed to get back home healty, land the crate, filed my claim. My mechanic told me that they will have to replace the engine and I will be grounded for one day. Might be up in the air by noon tomorrow.

The Escadrille americane starts speeding up things, we were able to down 4 e/ac by no loss on our side.

I think, I will have a beer or two in the mess......

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