Aarik Bachmeier is back from his injuries and was thrilled to be given a promotion to Leutnant, a medal, and transfer into jasta 1. Unfortunately he is still flying the Fokker EIII, but many of his squadmates are piloting the Halb.

He was tasked with leading a friendly air space combat patrol. Rather strange to see a Fokker EIII leading two halbs, but at least he didn't worry about falling behind. unfortunately his Fokker's engine wasn't developing full power and soon produced almost none. He was forced to land at a friendly field.

His next mission looked like a redo, but with slightly different waypoints. The Fokker engine ran great and soon the three planes were about 2 miles high patroling behind the lines when Aarik spotted black flak smoke trailing toward him from the east. He lead the two Halbs towards the anticipated direction of the enemy, spotted three planes approaching, and dove in. Morane two seaters...he landed three short bursts into the lead plane causing it to belch smoke and spin downwards. Suddenly he saw red as he heard rounds strike his Fokker. "Not Again!", he thought as he dove away from the remaing 2 on 2 df and watched the lead Morane crash into a farmer's field.

Aarik made it back to a friendly airbase and is once again in the hospital.

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