Its only my personal opinion, but I find auto-pilot has some unappealing results, whether for video-shooting or for flying large chunks of your mission

What makes a video interesting to me is to see how the person is flying the plane, where the pilot looks, how he maneuvers the machine. If I know that I am just watching the computer fly, then the video is no longer nearly as interesting to me. In fact, I probably wouldn't watch a video of auto-pilot flying because I can watch the computer fly an airplane anytime on my own computer. Again, that's only my interest and probably some other people love to watch videos with interesting views obtained with the help of auto-pilot.

If we use auto-pilot to help with difficult tasks like maintaining formation or navigating or whatever, then there is no hope to learn to do these things on our own, no hope to improve our skills, and no hope to experience more of the real WW1 experience. It's a chicken and egg thing. If I use auto-pilot because I find these things too hard to do, then I will always find these things too hard to do because I use auto-pilot.