The continuing career of Albert "Mushroom" Ward:

3 Aug 1916 @ 06h26 Railyard attack at Roulers Junction East of Rumbeke aerodrome.

Escort of 6 DH. 2s from RFC-29 out of Abeele

Shook lead the flight with Soar, Mesurier and myself accompanying. We had clear skies for bombing and crossed the lines without being molested. Upon approach to Rumbeke field we say 6 EIIIs pass under us heading west and they either didnt see us or had other pressing engagements. As we got closer to Rumbeke two EIIIs crossed my path and so I broke formation to attack them. I was quickly accompanied and although I hit both craft, my mates finished them off. Our cover DH. 2s managed to find and tangle with the 6 EIIIs which must have circled back and were now engaged with the DH. 2s.
My mates also entered the fray and so I stayed high and broke away to take a swat at the Railyard. I unloaded all my pills and they hit the mark on the storage sheds heavily damaging both. Shook and Soar managed to break free and also attack the railyard with solid hits. A flight which followed us clobbered the Railyard and had no enemy engagements probably thanks to us. I met up with Soar on the way home and as we landed the others showed up and touched down successfully. Shook and Soar had some light damage requiring 2 days to repair.

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3 Aug 1916 @ 14h59 Recon of enemy troop and vehicle movement east of Ypres.

Hill lead the flight with myslef, and Huskisson accompanying. a flight sent 5 Strutters to follow up and assist. The flight was quiet until we approached the recon area when 4 EIIIs showed up in front of us and wanted to tangle. We obliged them and during the frey I shot one down. More EIIIs began to show up and I saw Hill down at least two and Huskisson likewise. A flight engaged as well and between us we cleared the sky. As we were about to finish our mission we saw more EIIIs in the distance. I saw Hill flying low and heading west so I kept altitude at 4000 and followed. I did not see Huskisson but we all showed up at base safely with no damage.

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