Yeah, it is a great job in the Aviatik.

I had a dicey mission yesterday down in Alsace with Jasta 14 patrolling friendly airspace to the North of us. My wing and I ran into two N11s when we spotted flak smoke above a friendly airfield. We had altitude advantage as I dove head on into one of them and sent his engine smoking. Wilm, my wingman, go behind the second who got behind me, but soon lost his advantage. I pulled a flip turn and sent this N11s engine smoking too before finally pilot killing him.

We circled the friendly airfield for awhile before setting off for home. As we approached our home field we again saw flak smoke. Turned out to be two more N11s which we took out in much the same fashion as the prior two. I filed 4 claims.

Today i recieved confirmation of my transfer to Jasta 1. Seems odd seeing Halbs on the airstrip! I was tasked with leading two Halbs on a combat patrol over front lines in my Fokker EIII. We spotted flak smoke below us and I dove down to investigate. I lined up on the lead plane, unsure of its make. Just as I shot a few bursts into it I realized they were Morane Ls. As I heard the pilot take a hit my plane was hit by the tailgunner of another Morane and I saw red! Made it home to bertincourt wounded and landed. Filed a claim on the Morane.

Due to being wounded time advanced to August 6. WOFF awarded me a medal, the Albrechts - Ordens klasse 2 mit Schwerten upon confirming my claims.