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Great, Lou - thank you!
For all who didn't know yet: RAF_Louvert is the "One-Man_Medals-&-Awards committee"
for King George, the French High Command, and even for the Kaiser!
He has a deep-founded knowledge about all the awards, medals and badges, and we will be
in good hands there.

If anyone sees achievements which demand an award, but doesn't see it in the chart yet -
there will always be the next chart; the mills of bureaucracy grind slow.

Such high praise and so early on a Sunday morning, I'm good for the week now! smile2

Olham, you are more than welcome and thank you for hosting this most excellent campaign.

To your point about achievements deserving of mention, I would add that if anyone is aware of such achievements please let me know. Just send me the particulars of the event and I will look into it. I try to keep tabs on everyone's records but I am only one man after all and I have been known to miss things of import. Just ask my wife.


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