corsaire, congrats on the promotion Sir. Seems you and I are the leading DID officers at the moment as Artemus was recently promoted to full Lieutenant himself.

lederhosen, excellent job on making it to 25 hours, that is a milestone in this campaign Sir.

Lt. Burroughs is out of the fight until Friday. During his AM mission yesterday he was hit by one of those infamous sniper shots by a German gunner from about 500 yards out. The brave RFC flyer landed his kite at the nearest friendly base where he was patched up and told to go rest for the next four days.

Wonderful reports, screenies, and videos folks. Thanks again to all for sharing them here. Unfortunately my work schedule has been keeping me very busy and what free time I have at home I spend getting in my DID missions which leaves me no time to post any of my pilots adventures. Sorry for that, (posting this from a hotel room in Wisconsin at the moment as I am on the road yet again).

Olham, one small correction to your most recent chart: Artemus is still shown as a 2nd Lt and as mentioned here he is a full Lieutenant now. Just note that for your Wednesday chart and also mark him as wounded on that one as well. Thanks again for hosting this great campaign.


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