Eleven victories in two sorties - however grand that may have been, MudWasp - it makes me think about additional rules.

What I wanted to create, is a campaign which is all about realistic flying and realistic fighting or withdrawal,
and 11 victories in 2 sorties are not ANYwhere near that. Not your fault, MudWasp.
I'm not sure, what the max. victories were in a single sortie in WW1 - someone with better knowledge may come in here -
but I know that even a "doublette" (two victories in one sortie) was rather rare, even among the aces.

If we would leave this as it is now, the hunting for dozens of victories would start again,
and I am not willing to have this in the DiD Campaign.
We all know that WOFF sometimes allows that to happen, and of course it is not a player's fault if it does.
He may even have a fierce fight, where it's "me or them" - where he must shoot it out, cause they don't let him get away.
But we must find a way then, to get to more realistic numbers.

What I am thinking about is this - we could count per sortie:

1 - 3 victories = 1 victory
4 - 6 victories = 2 victories

and more than 6 victories count as 3 victories - more won't be accepted.

What do you others think about this proposal?

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