Ok Olham, remember that WOFF itself only shows total flying hours. Now we are asking the pilots to cut their hours in three depending on the Zone they are in. I can do this, but it requires a lot of thought on their part and the keeping of a diary to show where they were and when. I can do 1 and 2 as above but I have no way of validating their responses. So then, each post on the site will have FOUR lots of hours
1. the WOFF total
2. Hotspot recent hours for this post
3. ditto Medium for this post
4. ditto Quiet Zone for this post

For obvious reasons only one figure can be put in for 2 3 and 4 though I can't stop them doing that...

I would suggest that we don't do this. Just work on the total hours?

But I'll change the web site accordingly.

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