Sub Lnt, Charles Chatterley and his observer Evans arrived at the airfield last night tired and hungry. He reported that after the attack over the airfield when they were attacked by 5 EA and headed west, all was fine until they were attacked by 4 more about 5 miles from the front lines. He said it was one of the most intense fights he has had. His observer, Evans , was doing all he could to hold them off but when more than 1 would line up on his six, Chatterley said he would turn and try to get a shot at one, turn back west and the chase would be back on. Drove them all back but 1 so he turned to take him on and sent him packing as well. Turned west with the lines in the distance feeling very well and then the engine quit! Set her down in a field next to some woods and both scampered into the woods to plan their next move. Moving at night and hiding by day they made it across that God forsaken mud to friendly lines. CO says to get some food and get cleaned up and some rest, we go on patrol tomorrow! Bloody war!

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