Salut MFair

My 2 eurocent... my sqaudmates arn't real and they dont behave like real people most times, plus even if squady's are sent down most times they seem to survive. I have stayed in a fight to save them in the past but always found I was on the wrong end of a short stick. Your not going to be always at an advantage so it comes down to when its time to "Run" for it, and then if you can.

I fly DID as a Sargeant so I have lead only a few missions, I too have to keep formation. But the longer I live the more I can read the situation and decide if the chances are good or not. Fortunatly the AI on the 2-seater side of the game decides quite often to abandon mission and run for it and thats what I do. All 5 Huns thus far shot down by me is because they actually caught up and forced the fight, and yes a few mates were sent down too.

make mistakes and learn from them

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