1. Added a few new members to the 'drop down list' so you won't have to say 'Other'
2. hours at easy/medium/hard sectors removed as it is too difficult to keep track of ...
3. 'Wounded' added to Pilot Active list
4. If pilot dies, questions added about how he bought the farm and optional text comment

ID's in list now are:

1. What is your WOFF id?
(Select only one.)
[ ] ArisFuser
[ ] Beanie
[ ] Carrick58
[ ] CatKnight
[ ] JFM
[ ] Jim Attrill
[ ] Kaische
[ ] Leaf85
[ ] lederhosen
[ ] Maeran
[ ] MFair
[ ] MrDirt
[ ] Olham
[ ] Raf_Louvert
[ ] Rick_Rawlings
[ ] samba_liten
[ ] Shiloh
[ ] theultimat
[ ] Other:

I have received a few responses already smile I must say I have not come across samba_liten before.

Because of the changes, I would request that you all fill in the form again this Sunday evening and then I can produce the results some time tomorrow. Remember that I am on -2 hrs GMT here in SA.

I am using the existing data to work out how to easily produce the results. Won't be difficult in Excel.

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