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I have a problem in that Anthony Agrayne managed to fly 13 sorties in a Fee and stay alive (with one victory). Then I asked for a transfer to no 24 with DH2s. Now I am scared to fly and my hands shake even if I think of going aloft. What should I do:

a) drink a bottle of whisky or two
b) drink a bottle of rum
c) stand on my head and drink a beer
d) shoot myself in the ear with a service revolver

Just go out and see what happens?

To quote Gregory Peck in Twelve O'clock High, "Your problem is you think you are going to survive this war. You think you are going to go home! From this moment on, you are dead. Once you realize that, you can do your job!"
13 sorties in a Fee is remarkable. I would be proud. Your B pilot awaits!

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