Another great batch of adventures Gents, as always. Lederhosen, you will be missed Sir. Hope the move goes well and you'll be back in the WOFF skies soon.

Captain Burroughs will be out of the fight for a while as well. What had begun as a routine morning patrol of the front lines turned into a rather epic aerial battle. Artemus was leading Lieutenants McKay, Andrews, and Tidmarsh over towards Douai and all was going well until a very cheeky pair of Roland C.IIs bounced them from on high at Monchy-le-Preux. McKay, who was trailing at the time, turned on the lead attacker and looked to be doing well when his Airco suddenly began belching black smoke and he dropped out of the fight and headed home. That left Captain Burroughs and his two flight mates to deal with the enemy duo. It was going quite splendidly for the King's Own when no less than six Eindeckers came swooping into the fray! Things got very fuzzy after that with planes of both camps zipping about every which way. Artemus sent one of the Rolands down and saw it crash into No Man's Land. He also managed to send two of the Einies spinning out of control before the remaining Roland swung in front of him allowing the Hun gunner to do his worst. Despite being wounded Captain Burroughs fought on, sending his attacker limping off to the east trailing smoke. He did the same to one of the two Eindeckers that were still left hanging about at that point before he himself had to turn for home as well. He looked about for the Lieutenants and spotted them both off to the west already making the return trip. His wound did not appear to be life threatening and he was not losing blood, and despite his kite running a bit rough he chose to fly back to Bertangles, a wisp of grey smoke trailing behind him. By the time he'd landed and was helped out of his mount the left side of his neck and upper shoulder were throbbing to beat the band and he was taken immediately to the infirmary. The doctor patched him up, informing him the bullet had passed through the meat just above his left clavicle, grazing the bone as it did so, and it was going to take a fair amount of time before he would be flying again due to the amount of damage to the muscle and tendons. So, it's a fortnight's rest and recovery for Captain Burroughs. On the upside, all the members of his flight made it back to camp relatively unharmed and their combined tally was five enemy kites either destroyed or sent down OOC. All-in-all, in the grand scheme of things, it went well.


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