long time no talky.
Basel has moved to 3.RFC, more detail later.
Been having a lot of..well, short runs. Lots of missions but not much time being logged. Still alive though.
Had a few close runs with EIII's but escorts seem to do thier work.

A nice run this evening, started out as yet another dry drop and run show. Bombs gone, not much happening...then.
Dots all over and all heading to us..yikes!
To late to run. But I end up with a freaken armada on the leg home. 3xN11 + 3xFe2B + 5xDH2 all stacked one a top the other, all the way home till we land. Never seen that before in any sim.

Boom Boom, HA HA HA HA

make mistakes and learn from them

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