MFair: I'm thinking the answer is no, since the HUD is 'locked' in Workshop, but I'm curious what Olham thinks as well. It's a definite consideration I've made when choosing possible replacements for my Strutter.

Code: Well, as you can see the Strutter is a campaign favorite right now, and you're seeing why.

My first character did reasonable well with a FE2.b, but you hm.. with pretty much any non-fighter except said Strutter you should be prepared to run. Perhaps it's not realistic, but even on 'light activity' there seems to be an awful lot of encounters. (You are on light air activity?)

He who fights and runs away might just surprise people some day. Certainly better than a grave.

Also, if you haven't already, take the BE2/FE2b/etc. on a few QCs - even free flight mode - to try and get a feel for your crate and what it can and can't do well.