So far, a majority selected a campaign start for June 7 and 8.
There won't be much time left to discuss and change the rules.
I wanted to create an uncomplicated DiD Campaign, for which we don't have to read through
and remember tons of sheets with rules.
I think with three reality-levels we all have the same chances to select A, B or C;
and while A is gaining higher numbers of points, an A-LEVEL carreer could be over very quickly.
It will be damn hard to survive under LEVEL A conditions - maybe a C-LEVEL flyer will need a
longer time and more sorties to get to the same amount of points - but he may live much longer
and so have the better chances to get there.

And: after each demise of a pilot, you may enlist the next fellow in a different level.
The war will still be long...

You see, it might be like the old book of books says:
The first will be the last, and the last will be the first.

Let's not make it more complicated - let's just try, how far we can get...

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