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Augustus Snodgrass
Sgt, Rfc
70 Sgn

2 Aug 16.

Remarks: 8 e/a engaged.

I was Tail end Charlie for B flights 4 machines while A flight put up 2 a/c for Top Cover (6) on a hop behind the lines to Mons-en-Chaussee Aerodrome. Top Cover was far behind, as we attacked a Roland over the base. Soon, 5 Rolands came rushing down ( Top Cover ?) in the swrilling mess I fired 82 rds, Rear gunner got off 12 Maybe 3 hit a camo a/c . Rat a tat tat 4 hits from my six, 2 Fokkers ( E-IV Jasta 1 ?) sat back there. Dove and ran for it.

Results: B Flight Lost 1 dest +2 damage w a pilot Wnd. Huns ? maybe 1 + damage.

Wow Carrick, seems like they had it all planned! Sneaky little devils, those Huns!

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